Senior Camp

Senior Camp

Senior campers are ten to twelve plus years of age.
We will work with healthy daily rhythms, similar to those used in Waldorf schools, that help create an ideal environment for learning. There will be time for focused activity, imaginative play, games, and the great outdoors in each day. We will spend lots of time outside in nature, on walks, in the forest and on the farm.


Senior Camp Weekly Themes Ages 10-12 *Registration opens February 1, 2024*

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Week 1 (June 17 – 21)

Theme: Art and Baking Camp

Welcome to our Art and Baking Camp, where Waldorf principles meet culinary creativity! Guided by Waldorf educators, students explore painting, drawing, and handwork while immersing themselves in the magic of baking wholesome treats from scratch. From kneading dough to decorating cookies, each step honors the seasons and the joy of handmade creations. Join us for a week of artistic exploration and culinary delight, where every brushstroke and every bite is a celebration of creativity and community.

Lead Teacher: Krisinda Valenciuk


Week 2 (June 24 – 28)

Theme: Garden to Table Camp

Welcome to our Garden-to-Table Camp! Guided by experienced gardeners and chefs, campers cultivate organic produce and transform it into delicious meals. From seed to plate, they discover the joy of sustainable living, learning essential gardening and culinary skills. Join us for a week of hands-on exploration, where the journey from garden to table is filled with laughter, learning, and the delicious rewards of nourishing food grown with care. We will also sprinkle some arts and crafts in there as well.

Lead Teacher: Krisinda Valenciuk


Week 3 (July 2 – 5) *Four Day Week*


A perfect introduction to woodworking. We are sure to provide campers with unforgettable experiences. Travel to our woodwork shop, use hand tools to create treasures to bring along to hikes in the wood.

Lead Teacher: Brendan Donaghey


Week 4 (July 8 – 12)

Fencing: The Art of the Sabre

Brushing up on your musketeer skills? Looking to add a little pizazz to your résumé before applying to a pirate crew? Swordsmanship is the answer, and this is the week for you! Connecting with the other while protecting the integrity of your personal space: that is the essence of fencing! In this session we will explore the art of classical sabre fencing. Bring a solid pair of shoes, your courage, speed, agility and patience. No other equipment or experience necessary.

Lead Teacher: Jonathan Snow


Week 5 (July 15 – 19)


Welcome to our Waldorf-inspired STEM Camp, where science, technology, engineering, and mathematics converge with creativity and nature. Our holistic approach to STEM education integrates hands-on exploration with artistic expression, fostering a deeper understanding of the world.

Guided by experienced educators, campers engage in dynamic experiments and projects that encourage critical thinking and problem-solving. From constructing simple machines using natural materials to exploring mathematical concepts through music and movement, our activities inspire curiosity and innovation.

In our camp, we believe in nurturing the whole child, recognizing the importance of connecting STEM disciplines with the arts and the natural world. Join us for a week of exploration, discovery, and hands-on learning as we ignite a passion for STEM education in a Waldorf-inspired environment.

Lead Teachers: Jack Farrell


Week 6 (July 22 – 26)

Theme:  Nature Olympiad

Welcome to “Nature’s Olympiad: A Waldorf Adventure”! Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as we blend the spirit of athleticism with Waldorf principles. Campers engage in forest archery, river relays, meadow eurythmy, stone skipping, and woodland orienteering. These activities foster teamwork, focus, and a deep connection to the natural world.

In the heart of the wilderness, amidst towering trees and rushing waters, campers discover the joy of movement, exploration, and healthy competition. Our camp culminates in a vibrant harvest festival, where campers share stories, songs, and wholesome food crafted from nature’s bounty.

Join us for a transformative journey where every achievement is celebrated, and nature’s wonders are embraced. “Nature’s Olympiad” offers an unforgettable experience that nurtures the body, mind, and spirit in harmony with the great outdoors.

Lead Teacher: Jack Farrell


Week 7 (July 29 – August 2)

Gardening Camp

During this week we will spend our mornings with the flowers and vegetables learning and enjoying (and tasting) all that is growing. Our afternoons will be spent painting and making crafts with what we find in the garden. We will end the week by making a delicious lunch from our harvest to be cooked in the bread oven adjacent to the garden.

Lead Teacher: Mary-lu Spinney


Week 8 (August 6 – 9) *Four Day Week*


Teamwork, effort , endurance, and low competition for fun. Learn and play new sports every day, both individual and team sports while keeping in mind resilience, spatial awareness and FUN!

Lead Teacher: Riley Boadway


Week 9 (August 12 – 16)


Teamwork, effort, endurance, and low competition for fun. Learn and play new sports every day, both individual and team sports while keeping in mind resilience, spatial awareness and FUN!

Lead Teacher: Riley Boadway


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