Child Care

Child Care at TWS

A recognition that the first three years of life are foundational lies at the heart of our childcare programs at TWS. A strong sense of rhythm and routine are fostered, as well as healthy opportunities for bonding with our experienced and loving faculty.

When parents first see one of our beautiful toddler and preschool rooms with natural materials, they often take a deep breath and tell us they wish they had attended a school like this.

They immediately experience a learning environment of beauty and wonder, full of warm, flowing colours and natural objects that invite imagination and interaction through play.

Add experienced, caring teachers and daily use of the natural, protected outdoor play areas and the foundation for our Early Childhood program is complete.

Like a protective cocoon, these environments provide the structure and a gentle beginning for growth and healthy development.


If you have any questions regarding any of our Early Childhood programs, please contact Helen Choi, our Childcare Administrator at

**We have closed the waitlist application for the 2022-23 school year and now accepting waitlist applicants for the 2023-24 school year only.

The online application form can be found below**

Childcare Initial Application Form


*Please note that we are not touring at present. Outdoor tours will begin again in March 2022. Please email to book your spot. *

For our COVID-19 Pandemic Response Plan and our updated Parent Handbook, please select the relevant link below:

TWS CC Pandemic Operational Plan – 11_01_2021

2021-22 TWS Childcare Parent Handbook

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