Child Care

Child Care at TWS

A Home Away From Home


A recognition that the first three years of life are foundational lies at the heart of our childcare programs at TWS. A strong sense of rhythm and routine are fostered, as well as healthy opportunities for bonding with our experienced and loving faculty. When parents first see one of our beautiful toddler and preschool rooms with natural materials, they often take a deep breath and tell us they wish they had attended a school like this.
They immediately experience a learning environment of beauty and wonder, full of warm, flowing colours and natural objects that invite imagination and interaction through play.
Add experienced, caring teachers and daily use of the natural, protected outdoor play areas and the foundation for our Early Childhood program is complete.
Like a protective cocoon, these environments provide the structure and a gentle beginning for growth and healthy development.


Nurturing Environments, Nourishing the Senses
Our warm, welcoming, and home-like environment is carefully designed to foster a sense of life and awe in every child. Opportunities are provided for self-initiated and directed creative play with simple play materials that are open-ended. With built kitchenettes and playgrounds for every classroom, children are invited to experience meaningful and practical work such as cooking, baking, and gardening as well.


Outdoor Play & Nature
We offer opportunities for children to actively explore their natural surroundings through play, promoting movement and balance. All child care playgrounds are designed by Earthscape, using natural materials with complex and challenging structures to promote gross-motor development. Children can practice climbing, balancing, and jumping while learning to take appropriate risks which helps to develop and strengthen resiliency in the children.
Our preschool program offers weekly visits to the school’s woodland oasis, (3 times a week) to build a close connection to nature throughout all seasons.


Rhythm, Repetition & Reverence
The Waldorf Child Care program at TWS emphasizes rhythm, repetition, and reverence to nurture holistic development.
Through a carefully crafted daily rhythm, children experience a sense of security and predictability, aiding in emotional well-being.
Repetition in activities fosters skill mastery and a deep understanding of concepts for young children.
These healthy repetitive rhythms and activities unfold throughout the day, week, and year, following the seasonal changes that children observe in nature.
The Seasonal festivals are recognized and celebrated in the program, as well as diverse celebrations from various backgrounds.
Additionally, the child care program instills reverence, encouraging children to appreciate the beauty of the world around them and fostering a genuine connection to nature, community, and themselves.


Learning by Imitation & Imagination
We believe that learning is deeply rooted in children’s natural instincts of imitation and imagination. Through activities and play, children are encouraged to imitate daily life tasks, fostering practical skills and a sense of capability.
The Child Care program recognizes that imaginative play is a powerful tool for cognitive development, allowing children to explore creativity and problem-solving.
In an unhurried environment, children can experience uninterrupted play, exploring their rich imagination. Creative artistic experiences such as story-telling, singing, movement, and painting are also offered throughout the week.
By embracing these principles, our program aims to cultivate well-rounded individuals who learn not just academically, but also through the richness of hands-on experiences and the boundless realms of their imagination.


Relationships Based on Love, Respect & Care
TWS Child Care offers ratios of 1:4 for Toddlers and 1:6 for Preschoolers- with daily limits of 12 children per classroom to support quality interaction and relationship building between the teachers and the children.
A trusting relationship between the teachers, children, and their families is key to building an atmosphere of love and warmth in the classroom. Teachers create a nurturing environment where each child is valued as an individual. Love is woven into interactions, fostering a sense of security and emotional well-being. Respect is integral, in recognizing the unique qualities of each child, their developmental pace, and their biography. Care is not only physical but extends to supporting children’s emotional and social growth. This approach aims to build a foundation of trust and positive connections, essential for a child’s healthy development as well as foundations for optimal learning.




New applications for the 2025-2026 academic year will be available for submission as of April 1, 2024.

Please note that the on-site tour of the school can be arranged for families who are on the waitlist, starting May 2024.