Admissions Process

Admissions Process

1. Visit TWS

  • Once you have read through our website and watched some of our videos, it is time to book a tour! Tours are available weekly by appointment. Tours generally last an hour depending on the section of the school you are interested in. Book a tour HERE

2. Submit an Application

  • Complete the appropriate application form.
  • Complete and return to Admissions by email, mail or fax (905.881.6710)
  • Enclose the application fee (non-refundable) – $125 for Toddler through Grade 12

Note the age requirements for each grade on the application form

3. Admissions Interview

Necessary for all parents of students from Childcare through Grade 8. In High School students are also invited to attend.  If there is no opening in the appropriate class, the student’s name will be added to a waiting list.

Early Childhood:

  • Interview with parents and teacher. Teacher meets your child at a separate time.

Grades 1-8:

  • Your child will visit the classroom for a period of up to 3 days.
  • Following a class visit the teacher will meet with parents to share observations.

Grades 9-12:

  • Parents and student will attend an interview with the High School Class Advisors or other members of the High School Faculty.

4. Class Visit

  • Early Childhood and prospective Grade 1 students may visit a class, at the teachers’ discretion
  • Grades 2-8: students attend class at TWS for a few days. Students experience school days and their peers at TWS. Teachers see the student at work in the class setting.
  • Grades 9-12: visits may be arranged on an individual basis, if required, but are not typically required.

5. Sign the Contract

  • Upon acceptance by the Faculty, the Admissions Office will produce a contract.
  • Review of the contract and payment options can be done in person, or over the phone.
  • Two to three weeks is the normal return deadline for new contracts.