Primary Camp

Primary Camp

Primary campers are four to six years of age. Each week the children will be busy discovering a theme from nature such as earth, air, fire or water. They may work with the soil in planting and growing and encouraging care of the earth. With the magic of air, things move and we cannot see what happens when air moves. Water flows from here to there but it does not always go there in a straight line; some things float some sink. Fire can be used to warm us or to cook our food. Whatever the theme, they will be happily discovering nature every day.

The primary camp will model the gentle rhythm of our Kindergartens that so lovingly nourish each child’s developing coordination, cooperation and creativity. Each day will be a calm and joyful journey through imaginative play, circle games, songs and stories. We will spend a lot of our time outside in nature, on walks, or in the forest.

*Please note Primary campers must already be 4-years-old by the start of camp*

Example of a Primary camp day rhythm:

8:00AM Before care (in the kindergarten garden
9:00 AM Camp day begins with a walk
10:00AM Picnic of finger food
11:00AM Back to the garden for activities on the weekly theme
12:00PM Lunch
1:00PM Rest time
2:00PM Snack
2:30PM Activities on the weekly theme
3:00PM Water play
4:00PM End of camp day
4:00 to 5:00PM Childcare (Aftercare, if purchased) in the Kindergarten garden

*Registration opens February 1, 2024*

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Primary Camp Weekly Themes Ages 4-6

Week 1:  (June 17 – 21)
Here Comes the Golden Sun of Summer!

The Sun is a very merry fellow! He shines on me each day!

And now that Summer is back again, we’ll dance and sing and play!!

The longest day of the year is joyfully celebrated through lots of healthy outdoor play, stories, games, crafts, fresh air, and golden sunshine!


Week 2 (June 24 – 28)
Planting Seeds for Gardens Gnomes

In the heart of a seed, buried deep, so deep, a dear little plant lays fast asleep.

“Wake!” said the Sun, and grow up to the light! “Wake!” said the voices of the rain drops bright.

Let’s discover the magic of planting seeds and watching dreams grow, while getting our hands dirty as we explore the wonders of creating tiny garden homes for gnomes.


Week 3 (July 2 – 5) *Four Day Week*
Fishing from Golden Sands

Here are the waves, the frothy waves, that crash on the pearly sea!

Here are the waves, that lift and dip, while little fishies swim and slip!!

Let’s go to the beach and bask in the sun while casting our magical fishing lines into an enchanted ocean. Who knows what wonderful stories we’ll hear, songs we’ll sing, or sea creatures we’ll catch?


Week 4 (July 8 – 12)
Birds on the Wing

When the red, red robin comes bob, bob, bobbin along,

There’ll be no more sobbing when he starts a-throbbing his old, sweet song! Our fine-feathered friends will help us soar through blue skies while we sing with the birds and spread our wings while telling stories, playing games, and making crafts.


Week 5 (July 15 – 19)
Flower Fairy Doors

A fairy has never a penny to spend, nor ever a thing to buy,

But his is the power of bird and flower, and his is the Earth and sky!!

Enjoy a week opening fairy doors that lead to miniature adventures as we journey with our fairy friends in games, stories, songs, and crafts.


Week 6 (July 22 – 26)
Beautiful Butterflies and Bugs

Black polka-dotted wings so red, Lady Bug wakes ‘neath a green moss bed.

Butterfly sings, “Come fly with me! Let’s weave through the flowers to the Great Queen Bee!”

Journey with us into the woods as we discover the miniature world of the bugs, bees, and butterflies who live in our own forest. We’ll celebrate them through stories, songs, crafts and games. Flutter by, butterfly!


Week 7 (July 29 – August 2)
Rainbow Winds of Summer

The wind of summer woke one day, like a rainbow in the sky,

She fanned some kites to soar great heights, and sang, “Fly, birdie, fly!”,

Let’s float on the breeze as we weave the joy of the rainbow into creating colourful crafts, singing songs, playing games and listening to stories.


Week 8 (August 6 –  9) *Four Day Week*
Farming in the Olden Days

Bring your honey, little bee, and give it to the farmer to put in her tea!

Farmer visit your dairy cow, so you can churn the cream to make some butter now! Together we will step back in time to the days of old when pioneers picked apples, made apple sauce, churned butter, baked bread, and enjoyed Mother Nature’s gifts while playing and singing in the forest.


Week 9 (August 12-16)
The Treasure Lies Beneath

Unfold the treasure map and what do I see? A secret shared with you and me!

Follow the mermaids, do your best, until we find a treasure chest!

Mermaids and pirates lead us on an adventure-filled week filled with seaside songs and stories, bejeweled crafts, hidden treasure, and golden moments.