Photography & Videography

Photography / Videography


Toronto Waldorf School is dedicated to nurturing each child’s capacity for creative imagination. In order to preserve the child’s experience through his/her own imagination and perception, the recording of any performances is not permitted.

Often arrangements can be made with the teacher to take pictures after the performance while the students are still in costume.

When in doubt, please ask the teacher. Together we ensure that a photograph becomes a supplement to, not a substitute for, the richness of the direct experience of every child.

Student Use

In the Lower and High School, student use of cameras during the school day is not permitted without express prior approval by their teacher.  Cameras are never permitted in washrooms or change rooms.

Other Occasions

At graduations, photography is permitted. Classes have had success with hiring a photographer for the evening to capture pictures of the class, allowing parents and guests to sit back and enjoy.

For any other situation, please ask a teacher for direction on the appropriateness of camera use. We are always trying to balance the ideal of experiencing our education directly, with all our senses, rather than through a lens of any kind, with the natural desire to capture some memories of our children, students and community in the countless memorable moments each year.

In TWS Marketing

Through the enrolment contract process with TWS, parents are asked to grant permission for their children to be photographed as part of their school activities. These photographs are taken for the use of the school in communications activities such as printed, electronic or any other promotional media, including social networking sites.

Should you wish to decline permission for your child to be photographed, this must be communicated on the TWS contract each year or in writing at any other time.

When the school takes pictures of a student performance, we strive to cover the dress rehearsals rather than the actual performance itself.