Our School- A poem by Ramsey Walker

Our School

This is our gracious and colourful school,
Our kind, our loving, our wonderful school.
Through the long year, we learn together,
Regardless of the stormy weather.
No boy or girl, greater than the other,
Each day, each week, until the summer.
Every day, we shall stand tall,
Each day, each week, straight through the fall.
For those who are new and need some rest,
Come and join our great Mayfest.
For those who are bored, and parents are late,
Come to After Care, it’s sure to be great.
For those who are cold, and hate to fight,
You will enjoy the Festival of Light.
But if you’re bored of school and want a shake,
Then you’re a guy who like March Break.
This is our school and all of our peers,
Will all be together for many long years.
By Ramsey Walker, Grade 7