Online Communications

Online Communications

Class Email Lists

We automatically make a class email list which includes all the parents, and the appropriate teacher(s) and staff. These lists have become integral to our communication with parents on class-specific communication and in larger groups. Only those who are on the list may send to the list. The email address for each class is, where # represents the grade (1 to 12).

We would ask that parents respect our intention to use these lists for school business only. When using the group email lists specifically please consider these guidelines:

  • Use reply vs. reply all – make sure you are only emailing the person you intend the message for and refrain from sending a “reply to all” if it’s not necessary.  This is especially relevant with a group list when you are replying to one intended person/recipient.
  • Always use a respectful tone.
  • Consider crafting a brand new message and ending long threads if the subject is stale.
  • Avoid attachments if at all possible. Never send an attachment over 750 megabytes.
  • Manage quantity of email – ideally only a handful a week, or less, should be sent to the whole class list.
  • Don’t try to use email to have what is more suitably a face-to-face conversation. Remember much of our warmth and conversational context is lost in the electronic medium.

We also automatically subscribe all parents to our weekly eNewsletter (see the next section).

Please contact the front office if your email address changes, so that we can update these lists.

Website Calendar

The calendar on our website is the school’s central source for dates and information on upcoming events.  Please check back often as more events will be added as time goes on.

Please make sure you click on the links to read the event detail – sometimes, for example, only the High School has the day off, or only half the day off.

If you have any questions about the calendar or the website, please feel free to contact the webmaster.

Social Media

The following are the official social media pages of Toronto Waldorf School: FacebookTwitter and Google+. Please follow us for the latest information about the school and other useful resources.

These are tips (in pdf file) offered by Chris Vollum, social media expert: Social Media Fitness Student Brief and Facebook 101 Privacy Tips.