Junior Camp

Junior Camp

Junior campers are seven to eight years of age. Each week the children will be busy discovering themes with teachers who will offer their skills to the children.  One week will feature creating toys from  objects found in nature; another will involve unicycling and yet another will be a fun-filled week of activities all in Spanish!  Watch for new postings over the next few weeks to see what else we will have to offer.

We will work with healthy daily rhythms, similar to those used in Waldorf schools, that help create an ideal environment for learning. There will be time for focused activity, imaginative play, games, songs and stories in each day.  We will spend lots of time outside in nature, on walks, or in the forest.

Junior Camp Weekly Themes Ages 7 and 9 *Registration opens February 1, 2024*

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Week 1 (June 17 – 21)

Nature Olympics

Dive into a week of fun at Nature Olympics Camp, set on our beautiful 18-acre campus with its own wooded area and ecological ravine. Our campers will engage in a variety of activities, from fort-building to team-based outdoor games like soccer and capture the flag, fostering teamwork and a deep appreciation for nature. Guided by enthusiastic teachers and counsellors, this week will be filled with creative challenges, outdoor fun, and refreshing water play on our slip and slide. Come join us for an extraordinary week of adventure, friendship, and environmental exploration, an unforgettable experience for every young explorer!

Lead Teacher: Jack Farrell


Week 2 (June 24 – 28)

Savvy Scientists

Embark on a scientific adventure at Savvy Scientists Camp, nestled within our beautiful 18-acre campus. This immersive camp experience invites young minds to delve into the thrilling world of science through interactive, hands-on activities. Campers will build miniature bridges and towers, and unleash their creativity designing innovative egg droppers, and chemical reaction rockets. Led by our dedicated teachers, campers will have a blast learning how to think like scientists and work together as a team. This camp beautifully merges indoor activities with outdoor exploration. Every day is a new chance to explore the amazing world of science in a way that’s just right for young learners!

Lead Teacher: Jack Farrell


Week 3 (July 2 – 5) *Four Day Week*

Circus Camp

Let’s explore the many activities of the Circus arts such as juggling, poi, walking on a tight wire, balancing on stilts, unicycling, as well as the exciting trapeze and arial silks. During this week you will be taught the basics of all of the circus arts as well as have time to hone your skills with your preferred apparatus. Come one, come all! It’s circus time!

Lead Teacher: Mary-lu Spinney


Week 3 (July 2 – 5) *Four Day Week*

Around the World

The world is a big, wonderful place with many amazing things and places to see! In this week of camp we will explore many of these locations through food, stories, and more. Together we will have many opportunities and ways to learn about these places, and new skills, with fun and engaging hands-on activities

Lead Teacher: Alexander Scalzi



Week 4 (July 8 – 12)

 Arts and Crafts

Welcome to our Waldorf-inspired Arts and Crafts Retreat, where creativity and nature harmonize to nurture the whole child. Rooted in the principles of Rudolf Steiner’s educational philosophy, our camp provides a gentle and holistic approach to artistic exploration.

In the embrace of nature, campers will engage in activities that honour the seasons and natural materials. From beeswax modelling to wet-on-wet watercolour painting, our artistic endeavours are imbued with a sense of mindfulness and reverence for the creative process.

Guided by experienced Waldorf educators, campers will weave together stories, music, and movement into their artistic expressions. Nature walks and outdoor activities will inspire art that reflects the interconnectedness of the child with the natural world.

Lead Teacher: Gledis Naska


Week 4 (July 8 – 12)

Storytelling Through Art 

Spark your imagination during the Storytelling Through Art camp! Dive into the world of art and storytelling, where every say is a new adventure. From crafting colourful characters to bringing stories to life through drawing and painting, it’s a week of endless possibilities. Join us to discover your true inner artist and storyteller!

Lead Teacher: Alexander Scalzi


Week 5 (July 15 – 19)

 Handwork and Movement

Join us this summer for an exciting and creative adventure at our Handwork and Rope Jump Camp!  Our campers will explore various handwork techniques such as finger knitting, knitting, and origami, fostering their creativity and fine motor skills while immersing in the joy of creating beautiful things with their own hands!

Another highlight in our camp is rope jumping. We’re incorporating the vibrant and energetic Chinese rope jumping, a tradition that combines agility, teamwork, and rhythmic movement. Campers will enjoy a mix of rope jumping styles, enhancing their coordination, endurance, and gross motor skills.

Get ready to put your clever hands to work, jump, laugh, and make lasting memories this summer!

Lead Teacher: Jing Xie


Week 6 (July 22 – 26)

Nature and Crafting

Embark on a whimsical journey at our Waldorf-inspired nature and crafts camp, where creativity and the great outdoors collide in harmony. Beneath the enchanting canopy of ancient trees, young minds will explore the wonders of nature through hands-on activities and eco-friendly crafts. From crafting fairy houses with materials found in the forest to weaving intricate dream catchers from natural fibers, our campers will be immersed in the magic of the woodland surroundings. With a focus on sustainable practices and a deep connection to the Earth, our Waldorf-inspired camp invites children to discover the joy of creating, playing, and connecting with the natural world.

Lead Teacher: Ramla Hassan


Week 7 (July 29 – August 2)

Spanish Camp

Immerse yourself in the magic and wonder of our camp, specially designed for the golden age of childhood. In a natural and welcoming environment, we blend the Waldorf philosophy with the excitement of learning Spanish.

Together, we’ll explore the world through captivating stories, creative arts, and games inspired by Waldorf pedagogy. From crafting with natural materials to singing traditional songs in Spanish, each day is filled with activities that nourish imagination and holistic development.

Our team of passionate and experienced Waldorf educators will guide children on an educational journey that promotes a connection with nature, art, and the Spanish language. Get ready for your little ones to have a unique and unforgettable experience as they grow in harmony with Waldorf pedagogy and dive into the Spanish language in a playful and stimulating way!

Lead Teacher: Fernanda Vera


Week 8 (August 6 – 9) *Four Day Week*

Wonder of Nature

Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” ~ Albert Einstein

Come adventurers and explorers. Nourish your senses and bring your curiosity on our nature walks. We will have scavenger hunts, do nature journaling, create art, make music, bake, and have free play time in the Forrest and so much more. We look forward to seeing you in the summer.

Lead Teacher: Alicia Hiddema


Week 9 (August 12 – 16)

Art and Baking

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” ~ Mary Lou Cook

Explore the world of art and music making using found objects from the natural environment or recycling materials. From using our bodies as a musical instrument to painting, and collaborative projects, we will practice the art of creativity. This camp is all about play, having fun, trying things out, using our imagination and senses.

Lead Teacher: Alicia Hiddema