Toddler Room

Our Toddler Program (1.5 to 2.5 Years Old)

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Our warm, homelike classrooms provide a safe first step toward school. Our commitment to the unfolding child is unrivalled. Drawing upon research into brain development, as well as the observations of Waldorf Early Childhood Education, we create a welcoming learning environment that nourishes the senses and allows for self-initiated exploration and movement.

Our program consists of a predictable rhythm filled with song and activities that bring joy and goodness to the children’s day.  Meaningful work such as baking, sweeping and gardening provide an opportunity to learn about life, as children learn through imitation how to interact with others and the world. Our 18 acre campus allows for the physical exploration of space that helps build self confidence, resilience and the foundations of future academic excellence in the young child.

Studies show that play, in the early years, is the key to success in school by providing cognitive, social emotional, physical, and moral development. In our toddler program, extreme care has been taken to create a space that is conductive to age-appropriate play and supports the emergence of cooperative play.

Parent evenings focusing on child development are held throughout the school year.

A seamless transition!

Children begin the program attending with their parents, who, over the initial weeks, slowly spend less time with the class, ultimately dropping their children off at the beginning of each class.

The class will include up to 12 children with a ratio of 1:4 and is staffed by experienced Waldorf and ECE faculty.