Allison Coldwell’s Fundraiser Project

As part of a project in my English class taught by Ms. Anderson-Massé and Ms. Stevan, I organised a fundraiser for Ryan’s Well Foundation.

Ryan’s Well Foundation is a charitable organization founded by Ryan Hreljac. Their mission is to supply clean, safe water and sanitation stations to the world’s developing countries.

I chose to do my project on Ryan’s Well Foundation because Ryan’s story inspired me to take action and do my part in making a difference! Especially in this time of global pandemic, the importance of accessible clean water really spoke to me.

I organised the workshop on zoom and devoted much time preparing and delivering packages with weaving supplies for all the participants. The workshop was offered to people at TWS and other supportive people in my community. My heart was overflowing with pride as I watched each of the participants’ baskets come to fruition as the workshop drew to a close. I received an amazing amount of support and encouragement throughout this process. What encouraged me the most was knowing that I was able to share something I enjoy with others while supporting an amazing cause, Ryan’s Well!

To learn more about, or to donate to Ryan’s Well, click here.