Grade 12 Projects

Grade 12 Projects

May 9, 2018

At the beginning of the Grade 12 year, students are asked to choose a topic for a project that is a component of our philosophy course. Topics this year range from sewing, to building a bike, to photography. The idea of the project is for students to challenge themselves and learn a new skill independently and apply it. Another significant part of the project is to share these experiences with the world in which we are going into next year. It is really exciting to choose a project that you are interested in and explore it throughout the year.

My Grade Twelve Project By: Alessandro Gianna

For my project, I chose cooking. I have always had an interest in cooking as well as an appetite and passion for good food. At first, I was faced with a great challenge: how do I narrow my project down to a specific cuisine? I wanted to draw on my Italian heritage and make Italian food but my teachers encouraged me to really push myself and try something that I wasn’t as familiar with. I decided to focus on Greek cuisine. Throughout the year, I have been researching and cooking Greek recipes found on the Internet and from Greek cookbooks.

For my social component, I decided to reach out into the world by creating a food blog and sharing my dishes with the world. Although at times it was challenging to find time to cook on top of my grade twelve homework load, it was incredibly rewarding to see people enjoy something that I had created. This project has allowed me to learn many new delicious recipes that are easy but take some time to make. Cooking is a very important life skill to have; by practicing my cooking skills, I feel better preparedgoing into the world because I know that I can cook a good homemade meal.

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