Grade 5

Resources for the week of June 8, 2020

20-06-08-Grade 5-French

20-06-08-Grade 5-Names from Ancient Geek History

Ancient Greek History, 7


Ancient Greek History


Ancient Greek History



Resources for the week of May 11, 2020

20-05-11-Grade 5-Bees around a Hive

20-05-11-Grade 5-Math#7-x Egyptian Fractions

20-05-11-Grade 5-Math Sheet #8-1

20-05-11-Grade 5-Math Sheet #8-2

Grade 5-Greek Myths #1 In the Beginning

Grade 5-Greek Myths #2 Prometheus

Grade 5-Greek Myths #3 Pandora

Grade 5-Greek Myths #4 Apollo

Grade 5-Greek Myths #5 Demeter

20-05-11-Grade 5-Ancient Greece – Instruction 1

20-05-11-Grade 5-Geography of Greece

Map-Ancient India to Greece

Map of Greece

Grade 5-French

20-05-11-Grade 5-French

20-05-11-Form Drawing #6

Resources for the week of May 4, 2020

20-05-04-Grade 5 Art

Grade 5-Botany-Deciduous Trees

Grade 5-Botany-Grass and Grains

Grade 5-Botany-Daffodils Poem

Grade 5-Botany-Tree Poems

20-05-04-Grade 5-Grass Picture

20-05-04-Grade 5-Deciduous Trees

Grade 5-Botany-Flowering Plants

20-05-04-Grade 5-The Daffodils -Poem

20-05-04-Grade 5-Wild Rose

20-05-04-Grade 5-Lily

20-05-05-Grade 5-Conifers Picture

20-05-04-Grade 5-Pine Needle Basket Picture

20-05-04-Grade 5-Form Drawing 5

20-05-04-Grade 5- Eur_project_May_4

20-05-04-Grade 5-Live Music May 4-11

Grade 5-Botany Conifers

20-05-04-Grade 5-French

20-05-04-Grade 5-French Map

Botany Resources- April 30, 2020

Grade 5- Instructions on Botany Assignments

Grade 5- Lichen poem

Grade 5 – Lichens picture

Grade 5- Moss – poem

Grade 5 -Moss picture

Grade 5-Fern Drawing

Grade 5- Ferns – poem

Grade 5 – Horsetail Picture

Lichens- Botany Audio

Moss- Botany Audio

Ferns and Horsetails- Botany Audio

Resources for the week of April 20, 2020
Resources for the week of March 23, 2020