Farm and Garden Campaign

Farming and gardening are one of the most nourishing aspects of a Waldorf education. Working with the soil and learning the art of growing and harvesting food and the science behind regenerative farming practices are all skills that are essential to our children’s futures. 


We are currently raising money to build a 30 ft x 60 ft greenhouse to be situated in the sunlight in the school’s back field. This new greenhouse will be the heart and home for future farming, gardening, botany, and biology classes for many years to come. It will be a place for community members to gather, learn, and grow together.


The campaign aims to raise $80,000.

Thank you to all our donors! With your support, we are over three-quarters of our way to our goal! Every little bit helps get us closer!



You can donate directly at Canada Helps or contact the Business Office to make a pledge. Email to discuss pledge options.

We wish to thank Let’s Roam for their donation to our online auction. Let’s Roam offer scavenger hunt tours in various locations around the world and have generously donated a package valued at $300 to our Fundraiser. Learn more about them at

This money will be spent on:

  • Purchasing a state of the art polycarbonate greenhouse
  • Paying for professional installation
  • Applying for zoning permits
  • Hooking up to municipal services
  • Buying fruit bearing trees
  • Purchasing materials for raised beds garden tools etc

Together, we will plant the seeds that will blossom into our new and stunning greenhouse and our children will harvest the benefits for a lifetime.  

Farm and Garden Program Presentation