Grade 10 Trig

Grade 10 Trig

Apr 20, 2018

Gr. 10 uses Trigonometry to determine the height of the school.

This week, Grade 10 concluded their 3-week Math Main Lesson Intensive on Trigonometry.

During this Main Lesson, the students extended their knowledge of the mysteries of a triangle that they began investigating in Lower School to develop the Mathematical concept of Similarity and the fundamentals of Trigonometry. They then took the skills they developed in the classroom to the outdoors, in order to determine the height of the school using a clinometer (angle-measuring device) of their own construction.

While the data collected ended up being inconsistent, the students were able to identify the potential sources of error and came up with mitigation strategies that can be used in future attempts. An excellent opportunity to employ the skills developed while also exercising their problem-solving capacities.