Primary Camp

Primary Camp

Primary campers are four to six years of age. Each week the children will be busy discovering a theme from nature such as earth, air, fire or water. They may work with the soil in planting and growing and encouraging care of the earth. With the magic of air, things move and we cannot see what happens when air moves. Water flows from here to there but it does not always go there in a straight line; some things float some sink. Fire can be used to warm us or to cook our food. Whatever the theme, they will be happily discovering nature every day.

The primary camp will model the gentle rhythm of our Kindergartens that so lovingly nourish each child’s developing coordination, cooperation and creativity. Each day will be a calm and joyful journey through imaginative play, circle games, songs and stories. We will spend a lot of our time outside in nature, on walks, or in the forest.

*Please note Primary campers must already be 4-years-old by the start of camp*

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Example of a Primary camp day rhythm:

8:00AM Beforecare (in the kindergarten garden
9:00 AM Camp day begins with a walk
10:00AM Picnic of finger food
11:00AM Back to the garden for activities on the weekly theme
12:00PM Lunch
1:00PM Rest time
2:00PM Snack
2:30PM Activities on the weekly theme
3:00PM Water play
4:00PM End of camp day
4:00 to 6:00PM Childcare (Aftercare, if purchased) in the Kindergarten garden

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Primary Camp Weekly Themes Ages 4-6

Week 1 (June 20-24, 2022)
Theme: Welcome Summer! Welcome Sun!

Oh! Great Sun King! Oh! Great King Sun!
You lovely golden ball!
Touch us gently with your wand; Like flowers we grow tall!

Joyfully we will celebrate the longest day of the year through lots of healthy outdoor play, stories, games, crafts, fresh air, and sunshine!


Week 2 (June 27- July 1, 2022) *Four Day Week*
Theme: Gardens for Gnomes

In the heart of a seed, buried deep, so deep,
A dear little plant lays fast asleep.

Let’s get our hands dirty as we explore the wonders of creating tiny garden homes for gnomes. Together we’ll discover the magic of planting seeds and watching dreams grow!


Week 3 (July 4 – 8, 2022)
Theme: Bugs, Bees and Butterflies

Little bees work very hard, making wax and honey,
Butterflies just flutter by, when the days are sunny!

Journey with us into the woods as we discover the miniature world of the bugs, bees, and butterflies who live in our own forest. We’ll celebrate them through stories, songs, crafts and games. Fly! Fly butterfly!


Week 4 (July 11- 15, 2022)
Theme: Let’s go to the Beach!

Here is the sea, the deep blue sea; here is the boat and here is me!
All the little fishies down below, wriggle their tails and away they go!

Let’s bask in the sun on the golden sand and throw our magical fishing lines into an enchanted ocean. Who knows what wonderful creatures we’ll catch?


Week 5 (July 18-22, 2022)
Theme: Songs of the Birds

When woods awake and trees are green and leaves are large and long,
T’is merry to walk in the forest fair and hear the small birds’ song.

Together we’ll look to the sky for feathered friends! Join us for a week of soaring with the birds through stories, songs, games and crafts.


Week 6 (July 25-29, 2022)
Theme: Fairy Doors

Beautiful fairies I have seen,
hiding in the trees so green.
I hear them sing, what a lovely thing –
to watch them fly across the blue sky!

Enjoy a week of fairy adventures as we journey with our fairy friends in games, stories, songs, and crafts.


Week 7 (August 1- 5, 2022) *Four Day Week*
Theme: Treasure Seekers

Buckets and shovels dig the sand, build me a castle tall and grand!
Follow the mermaids, do not rest, until we find a treasure chest!

Building sand castles and searching for treasure begins a week filled with seaside songs and stories, bejeweled crafts, and golden moments.


Week 8 (August 8-  12, 2022)
Theme: Rainbows Colours of the Wind

Here we go, to and fro, over the rainbow bridge we go,
Treading softly, treading slow, over the rainbow bridge we go!

This week we will delight in floating on the breezes as we weave the joy of the rainbow into creating colourful crafts, singing songs, playing games and listening to stories.


Week 9 (August 15-19, 2022)
Themes: Pioneer Days

Come ‘cross the fields of green and brown silk, bring in the cows to milk,
Then with the cream some butter we’ll make, for the fresh bread we’ll bake!

Let’s step back in time to the days when we baked, churned, and collected Mother Nature’s gifts and played games, sang songs and told stories about natural wonders for hours in the forest.


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