Primary Camp

Primary Camp

Primary campers are four to six years of age. Each week the children will be busy discovering a theme from nature such as earth, air, fire or water. They may work with the soil in planting and growing and encouraging care of the earth. With the magic of air, things move and we cannot see what happens when air moves. Water flows from here to there but it does not always go there in a straight line; some things float some sink. Fire can be used to warm us or to cook our food. Whatever the theme, they will be happily discovering nature every day.

The primary camp will model the gentle rhythm of our Kindergartens that so lovingly nourish each child’s developing coordination, cooperation and creativity. Each day will be a calm and joyful journey through imaginative play, circle games, songs and stories. We will spend a lot of our time outside in nature, on walks, or in the forest.

*Please note Primary campers must already be 4-years-old by the start of camp*

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Example of a Primary camp day rhythm:

8:00AM Beforecare (in the kindergarten garden
9:00 AM Camp day begins with a walk
10:00AM Picnic of finger food
11:00AM Back to the garden for activities on the weekly theme
12:00PM Lunch
1:00PM Rest time
2:00PM Snack
2:30PM Activities on the weekly theme
3:00PM Water play
4:00PM End of camp day
4:00 to 6:00PM Childcare (Aftercare, if purchased) in the Kindergarten garden

*Registration opens January 1, 2022*

Primary Camp Weekly Themes Ages 4-6

Week 1 (June 20-24, 2022) 
Theme: The Sun

I am the sun
And I bear with my might
The earth by day and the earth by night
I hold her fast and my gifts I bestow
To everything on her, so that it may grow.

We will joyfully welcome the summer sun through story, song and craft. Light and sun rays will be brought into our morning circle, and play.


Week 2 (June 27- July 1, 2022) *Four Day Week* 
Theme: Songs of the Birds

When woods awake and trees are green
and leaves are large and long
‘Tis merry to walk in the forest fair
and hear the small birds’ song

Look to the sky for feathered friends, watch how they soar; join us in story, songs, games and crafts all about birds.


Week 3 (July 4 – 8, 2022)
Theme: Gone Fishing 

One, two, three, four, five
Once I caught a fish alive

Wow! We caught a big one! Join us for games, craft and tales of fish. The sparkles of scales, splashing and jumping. What a great week for fishing!


Week 4 (July 11- 15, 2022)
Theme: I Heard a little Gnome

Once there was a little gnome
who thought it time to wander and roam
around the garden in the sun
oh what fine work it’d done

What a grand surprise to find a gnome! In the garden, we will roam, hearing stories, making crafts, seeing treasures and playing games to honour the wee folk, the garden gnomes.


Week 5 (July 18-22, 2022)
Theme: Rainbow 

Here we go, to and fro,
over the rainbow bridge we go.
Treading softly, treading slow,
over the rainbow bridge we go …

Joy! Colour! Perhaps a treasure at the bottom, Come explore the rainbow through painting, colour, story and game.


Week 6 (July 25-29, 2022)
Theme: Splash by the Sand 

“Come play”, the wave said to the beach,
Splashing up on the sand.
“I shall”, replied the shore to her
and followed hand in hand

This week is filled with seaside stories, make believe beaches, sand castles, and streams in the sand. Time to cool off in the sprinklers, and sure to have your child make a splash.


Week 7 (August 1- 5, 2022) *Four Day Week*
Theme: Homes Amongst the Trees

If I were a tree
I’d want to see
A bird with a song
on a branch with me

Take to the woods, and be led through a journey to find what animals and creatures call our forest home. Dig, build, and create a nature home. Climb upon the trees.


Week 8 (August 8-  12, 2022)
Theme: Great Garden Wonders

A little seed for me to sow
A little earth to make it grow
A little hole, a little pat
A little wish and that is that

The garden is the perfect place to explore as a young child in summer.  Massive sunflowers, fruit trees, and fun. Little gardeners will get a first chance to dig, water, plant seeds and enjoy the fruits of summer.


Week 9 (August 15-19, 2022)
Themes: The Land Beneath our Feet

Below my feet
What could there be?
Gems, Gold and treasures
Only I can see

Gather round, and come listen to tales of what the land has seen before.  Join us in crafts and games to make specially crafted treasures using the gifts of nature.


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