Junior Camp

Junior Camp

Junior campers are seven to eight years of age. Each week the children will be busy discovering themes with teachers who will offer their skills to the children.  One week will feature creating toys from  objects found in nature; another will involve cooking outdoors and yet another will be a fun-filled week of activities all in French!  Watch for new postings over the next few weeks to see what else we will have to offer.

We will work with healthy daily rhythms, similar to those used in Waldorf schools, that help create an ideal environment for learning. There will be time for focused activity, imaginative play, games, songs and stories in each day.  We will spend lots of time outside in nature, on walks, or in the forest.

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2020 Junior Camp Weekly Themes Ages 7 and 8


Week 1 (June 15-19)

Theme: Embroidery

Embroidery floss and sewing is the theme of the week! Our campers will make a variety of embroidery projects, such as friendship bracelets, weaving, building a loom, and sewing. After some crafty crafting, campers will head outside and play summer string games: skipping, swinging, tug of war.

Lead Teacher: Oana Nichifor


Week 2 (June 22- 26)

Theme: Summer Painting

Painting is woven throughout the Waldorf season and curriculum, and now we are excited to offer painting in the mood of summer. With wet on wet painting, dry brush techniques, and plenty to draw upon for inspiration; campers will be led through a number of paintings in the art room. Campers may even get to make their own paint and colours using what pigment exist in the forest.

Lead Teacher: Oana Nichifor


Week 3 (June 30- July 3) *Four Day Week*

Theme: The Ever-Changing Scrapbook

Campers explore how much creativity can exist in a notebook of their very own. Each new day, maps, tasks, games, and challenges, magically appear in the ever changing Scrapbook. Artistic, and engaging- find out all that paper can do, and explore the forest campus and fields !

Lead Teacher: Oana Nichifor


Week 4 (July 6- July 10)

Theme: TBC

We are sorry, this theme is still to be determined. We are looking forward to providing an inspired week of fun, skill based themes for your camper(s), with the same Waldorf approach and care our camp is known for. Should you wish to sign your camper up for this exciting week, we will be sure to let you know what summer theme awaits your child! Otherwise, please check back soon.

Lead Teacher: TBC


Week 5 (July 13-17)

Theme: Get Your Groove On

A Music, Movement, and Dance week with a variety of activities using “Orff Instruments”, (xylophone type percussion) which will have your campers keeping tempo, and having fun. This fun and performative week is going to have ample time playing in the forest, with time to “Get Your Groove On’ and feel the rhythm as well.

Lead Teacher: Myra Willis


Week 6 (July 20- July 24)

Theme: The Wonders of Spain and South America

Vamos! Campers will explore some of the wonders of Spanish and South American cultures.  Being led through a variety of songs, crafts, dances and dishes.  Although this is not an immersion week, campers will come to learn some Spanish words and meaning.  All this combined with loads of outdoor fun in the beautiful Waldorf fields and forest. Sure to inspire!

Lead Teacher: Myra Willis


Week 7 (July 27-31)

Theme: Play on the Stage

Bring your imagination and let your creativity shine!  Short drama experiences will be acted out using an integration of props, found sound, movement and song.  Make your own unique mask along with a variety of other crafts.   All this combined with lots of outdoor fun in the beautiful Waldorf fields and forest.

Lead Teacher: Myra Willis


Week 8 (August 4 – 7) *Four Day Week*

Theme: A Taste of China

Come and explore Chinese cuisine and culture with an emphasis on cooking, plating, and eating delicious food. There will be an offering of Chinese games, songs, and stories. This camp is not a language immersion week, but an invitation for our campers to harness their senses, play and explore.

Lead Teacher: Xie- Jing Yu


Week 9 (August 10- 14)

Theme: Wood, Wool, Yarn

Due to popular demand TWS Summer Camp is proud to offer a Handwork week for young artisans. This week will be a chance to explore what fiber arts, knitting, crochet, weaving, and more. These simple crafts will be an opportunity for your camper to learn some new skills will endless possibilities for further creation. There is no prior experience needed and all campers will leave with their own tools for continued building.

Lead Teacher: Xie- Jing Yu


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