Toddler and Preschool

When your child is ready to experience the first steps away from the shelter of home and family, the Toronto Waldorf School’s Toddler and Preschool rooms provide a safe and beautiful home-like experience for children.  All rooms are led by an experienced Waldorf teacher and assistant and we offer the following schedule options:

  • 5 Full-Day Program: Monday-Friday 8am – 6.00pm

Hot vegetarian lunches and healthy snacks are provided daily. Our licensed Toddler Room serves children between the ages of 18-30 months.  Our licensed Preschool Rooms serve children between the ages of 30-months to 4-years-of-age.

Play as a Foundation for Healthy Development

  • Young children learn primarily through play and imitation in the TWS Childcare program.
  • Child – initiated play lays the foundation for healthy growth and learning in a range of areas, from gross and fine motor skills to the development of imagination and creativity. Your child’s academic work in the years ahead will build on the base created in these early years.
  • Storytelling, songs and verses help children develop the capacity to listen, focus and create their own visual images. Future reading comprehension and creative thinking will draw strongly on this capacity.
  • Your child’s linguistic development is enhanced by the rich language of stories, songs and verses.
  • Storytelling draws on the everyday experiences of the young child’s life – home, family and nature.
  • Stories also spawn the early make – believe play that grows into full imagination with the capacity to form inner pictures. Development of imagination is a cornerstone of flexible thinking and creative problem solving, a hallmark of Waldorf education.

Class Rhythm

  • The Childcare has very consistent daily and weekly rhythms to support and guide your child’s explorations of their new environment.
  • Rhythm provides the security of predictability and supports healthy physical development
  • The day is structured to alternate between active and quiet activities. Free play might be followed by a quiet activity such as listening to a story and then time exploring in the garden. This supports the children in digesting each activity and feeling harmonious and receptive to our rich curriculum.

Typical Activities May Include

  • Free play time indoors
  • Art: Watercolour painting and drawing with beeswax crayons
  • Circle time with nursery rhymes, songs and movement games
  • Storytelling, often accompanied by table puppets to provide concrete visual experience
  • nutritious snack prepared daily, shared by children and teachers
  • Outdoor play each day in the yard or adventure walks into nearby fields, and wooded areas. The natural resources of the TWS grounds provide a wide diversity of options for curious, active children.
  • Warm and wet weather clothing is needed to ensure that children will fully benefit from this wonderful opportunity.
  • Special activities such as the simple celebration for each child’s birthday and the end of year puppet show and picnic.

Please contact Helen Choi, our Childcare Administrator at for more information about the 2020-21 wait list.