Childcare Profiles

Lead Childcare Teachers

Gayathri Kandasamy - Lead Childcare Teacher

Gayathri joined the Waldorf community in 2017 as a parent. Soon she became a substitute teacher in different departments within the school: lower school aftercare, kindergarten and childcare.

In 2019, she completed her Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy from Rudolf Steiner Centre while working as an afternoon assistant in Birchgrove Kindergarten.

She holds an MBA from California State University, USA.

Katya Bazgosha-Alaei - Lead Childcare Teacher

Katya graduated from the University of Bremen, Germany with a Masters Degree in Social Pedagogy. She also did a Birth to Three training at the Paritätisches Bildungswerk in Bremen, Germany. During her studies, she was a substitute teacher in a Waldorf inspired childcare and later became the lead teacher of the toddler group in 2007. Katya received her certificate in Foundation Studies from the Rudolpf Steiner Center Toronto. She joined the TWS Childcare in 2016, bringing with her 13 years of experience working with children aged 1-3.

Remi Yeo - Lead Childcare Teacher

Remi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Drama from Korea National University of Arts and a Masters of Expressive Arts Therapy from Seoul Women’s University. She studied Waldorf Early Childhood Education at Seonam Waldorf Foundation in Korea. She is currently taking the Foundations in Anthroposophy course at the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto. She has more than a decade of work experience working with children as a performer, an art therapist and teacher in a variety of establishments. She is the author of a poetry song book entitled, “Cucumber is Alive.”  She is passionate about sharing her love of nature through artistic work. She also enjoys gardening and composing songs for children.

Tara Chen - Lead Childcare Teacher

Tara Chen joined the TWS faculty in 2017. She completed her Foundation studies in Anthroposophy at the Rudolf Steiner Center, and thereafter finished her Waldorf Teacher Training for ages Birth to Three in 2019.

Tara is an RECE, and after completing her Early Childhood Education diploma in 2006, she spent over 10 years abroad gaining international experience in the Childcare field.  She also holds a BA in World Religions and is a registered sleep consultant.  She has enjoyed working with a variety of families from across the globe.

Tara is a Waldorf alumna from TWS and feels very blessed to be teaching at her childhood school, where currently her two daughters also attend.  In her spare time, she loves to play piano, gather in women’s circles, and travel.

Childcare Assistants

Amy Yuk - Childcare Assistant

Profile to come!

Chelsea Eo - Childcare Assistant

Chelsea is a Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE), and she joined the TWS faculty in 2020 as a Childcare Assistant in Rosebud. She graduated with honors from the Early Childhood Education program at Humber College. During her studies, she completed a field placement at Waldorf Academy and soon became a substitute teacher. During her time at Waldorf Academy, Chelsea was deeply inspired by her fellow Waldorf educators and their approach to children and families. She is passionate about creating and maintaining a loving, caring environment that surrounds children with warmth, beauty, joy, and wonder.

Kyun Min Kwon - Childcare Assistant

Profile to come!

Lavinia Chung - Childcare Assistant

Lavinia graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Fine Art specialized in Music and completed her Early Childhood Education Diploma from Seneca College. After her studies, she spent about 8 years teaching in international schools in Asia.

Lavinia joined the TWS Early Childhood Faculty as a Supply Teacher in January 2021 and soon was promoted to be one of the Child Care Assistants in the toddler group. She believes that parents, children and educators are like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. We all have a piece and together we make a beautiful picture.

Madhavi Mali - Childcare Assistant

Madhavi holds a degree in Bachelor of Arts from Mumbai University, India. She completed her Early Childhood Education diploma from Seneca College with honours in 2016.

Madhavi has over six years of experience nurturing and caring for children of all ages. She has worked in YRDSB as Educational Assistant caring for the children with exceptionalities.

Currently she is completing her Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy at the Rudolf Steiner Centre and is also enrolled in Waldorf Teachers Training from Birth to Seven years.

Besides caring for children she enjoys music, singing, gardening, cooking and baking. Madhavi is a compassionate individual with a loving heart.

Natalia Gomez - Childcare Assistant

Natalia is a nurturing, warm and knowledgeable Early Childhood Educator with 19 years of experience in working with children. She finished her Waldorf Early Childhood Education Birth-to-Three training in 2017 at the Rudolf Steiner College of Canada in Thornhill.  Natalia also has a bachelors degree in Education, specializing in Early Childhood Development.

Before joining TWS, Natalia worked for six years at the Waldorf Academy Childcare Centre. She was first introduced to Waldorf Education in 2007, where she was part of a pilot project of a Waldorf School in Quito, Ecuador.

Natalia enjoys nature walks with her family and dog, needle felting, cooking, and practicing yoga and meditation.