Academic Expectations

Academic Expectations

Exchange students are expected to work to the best of their abilities while studying at TWS. While there
is some leniency for lack of language skills, the student is expected to adhere to all rules and protocols of Toronto Waldorf School. TWS Faculty will teach the class to the level of expectation for that grade.

The Mathematics curriculum in Canada is often very different from what is taught in European Waldorf
schools. It is strongly recommended that students bring their own math to work on. Please consult the
home school’s Math Teacher to make arrangements for study materials to be provided.

If a student is having difficulties, he/she should seek assistance from the subject teacher. Our teachers
are always available to help. The student can also expect some help with homework from the host
family. In the end, however, it is up to the international student to seek help when needed and
complete all academic work to the best of their ability. If a student is experiencing significant challenges, TWS may recommend hiring a tutor at the expense of the student’s family.

All students who attend TWS for an academic quarter will be issued an official Report Card. A copy of
the report card will be sent to the students’ home school and parents.

Behavioural Expectations

Toronto Waldorf School rules may be different than those at the international student’s home school.
All school policies must be observed in order to participate at TWS. A few basic rules are included here,
and more detailed rules and procedures are listed in the TWS High School Handbook (sent with the

Eating in class, chewing gum, using foul language and defacing furniture are not allowed
Students may not miss classes or leave the school grounds without permission
Smoking, drinking alcohol or taking drugs on TWS grounds will NOT be tolerated
Misbehaviour, truancy, failure to follow school rules or academic non-performance may result in the
student being withdrawn from TWS and returned home

Expectations for Homestay

Boarding and Exchange students are expected to:

  • Observe the rules and customs of the family, including participating in shared household tasks,
    curfews and respecting others’ property
  • Keep themselves and their own bedroom clean and tidy
  • Clean up after themselves in common areas
  • Do homework as assigned by teachers, requesting help from the family as needed
  • Be responsible for the cost of transportation to school if public transportation is needed, but the
    family shall be responsible for assisting the student to reach the nearest public transportation
  • Pay for their own long-distance telephone calls (use phone cards)

The exchange student agrees and understands that if any problems arise between members of the
family and the student, the student will contact the High School Administrator or Advisors to consult
about a process for resolution. If a medical emergency or other special circumstances arise, the student
must contact the family, High School Administrator or Advisors immediately.

The Host Family is expected to:

The Host Family is expected to accept the role and responsibility of parenting the student for the
duration of the visit, enforcing home and school rules:

Provide a clean bedroom with a bed, desk, chair, lamp and closet. If the room is to be shared, the visiting student must be informed at the time of initial contact.

Provide student with clean towels and linen, and reasonable use of washing and drying machines
subject to supervision and control of the family.

Provide food for breakfast and lunch, and a cooked dinner daily.

Provide reasonable access to the telephone for local calls. (Student must pay for any long distance
phone charges.)

Provide reasonable access to the internet.

Include the student in family outings, except in exceptional circumstances, such as overseas trips. The
family must then make alternate arrangements for the student to stay elsewhere. The High School
Administrator must be informed of these arrangements.

Know the student’s whereabouts at all times. The family expects that when the student goes out with
friends, he/she will let the family know where he/she is and when he/she will be back.
Be prepared that the student may experience stress and exhaustion in the new environment and may
need a lot of support and understanding.

The host family agrees and understands that if any problems arise between the family and student, or if
emergencies arise, the family will contact the High School Administrator and/or Advisors and the
student’s family immediately.