Exchange Program

Exchange Program Information

The TWS Exchange Program is available exclusively to international Waldorf high school students, who
are going into Grade 10. All exchanges at TWS occur in the Grade 10 year for a maximum time of 2-3

Step 1: Inquiry

  • Send us an autobiographical letter of introduction with photos: Tell us about your family,
    hobbies and school. Send it via email to our High School Administrator, Sara Anderson.
  • Sara will share your letter with our current Grade 9 and will contact you if a match is found.
  • Register on to search for interested students from our school. Let Sara know if
    you have found a potential partner there.

Step 2: Application

  • Once a potential match has been made you will need to submit a copy of your most recent
    report card and our application form which includes reference forms for teachers to fill out.
  • Your application will be reviewed by our High School Faculty, and Sara will inform you if your
    application has been accepted or refused.

Step 3: Registration

  • If accepted, Sara will send you the school contract and our High School Handbook.
  • When the contract and payment (if applicable) is received, Sara will send you a school
    confirmation letter if one is required to secure a student visa to study in Canada.
  • Important: You must check with the Canadian Embassy in your city to find out if you require a
    visa for your time in Canada.
  • You must also purchase medical insurance to cover 100% of your time in Canada, and send a
    copy of the insurance policy to Sara.

More questions? Contact Sara Anderson, Boarding and Exchange Coordinator, + 1.905.881.6137 ext. 309.

2018-19 Exchange Program Fees (CDN$)

While no tuition fees are charged for the exchange – provided that tuition is paid for the full year at the home school and the exchange time is an equal duration for both students – there may be some
applicable charges.

For example:

  • An Activity Fee, maximum $1000/year, may be charged for trips and outings and is adjusted for
    the length of stay. This fee covers specific events outside the classroom that are part of the High
    School curriculum, such as camping trips and day excursions off campus.

    • Any applicable trip fees are invoiced and payable with the contract.
  • The exchange student will need to pay a nominal deposit for schoolbooks and locker rental,
    which is refundable upon departure.
  • Pocket money will be needed for transportation and leisure activities.

More questions? Contact Sara Anderson, Boarding and Exchange Coordinator, + 1.905.881.6137 ext. 309.