Parent Volunteers

Parent Volunteers & Other Opportunities

Participating in and Strengthening our Community

A Waldorf school as an organization moves forward through phases of development. In the beginning there is the pioneer phase, when everyone does everything and most often with joy and enthusiasm. Rarely do those involved tire, there is an excitement in the air. As the years go by some of the pioneers leave and others join and a school moves into the administrative phase. Here the organization’s form is developed and the school puts in place clear policies and procedures that support its growth. In the next phase, the “mature” phase a school community chooses to grow into a conscious community of learning, meeting and service.

Ideally, Waldorf schools become integrated learning communities comprised of children, teachers, staff and parents. Community members are together on a path of learning and development. For nearly 100 years teachers have been researching and refining effective ways of working with the Waldorf curriculum. Main lesson themes as well as all the supporting subjects, which include other languages, eurythmy, physical education, handwork, woodwork and a host of others have been developed. Not only has the curriculum been evolving through this continuous research, but teachers all around the world have been adapting the initial inspirations given by Rudolf Steiner to meet the unique needs of children in their communities. Insight, creativity and rigor have been brought to the tremendous work of deepening and fine-tuning the curriculum.

What about the parents of these lucky Waldorf children?

Many parents have come to Waldorf education to meet the needs of their children for a wholesome and supportive environment in which to learn and grow. They may, however, not be fully aware that Waldorf education and Anthroposophy, the philosophy on which it is founded, also has much to offer adults for their personal, professional and artistic development. A surprising number of parents have come to realize years down the road that being part of the school community has played a significant role in their own development.

Where are the opportunities for parents at our school?

Below you will find some of the current possible ways you could get involved. We hope to develop these paths of learning in our community through your input and interest in learning more – with your support becoming a “conscious community of learning, meeting and service”.

Introduction to our School

  • Events and Parent Workshops

Festivals – Opportunity to Observe the Children in a Pedagogical Setting

  • Rose Ceremony in September
  • Welcome BBQ in September
  • Michaelmas Festival and Talk
  • Spiral of Light for the younger children
  • Advent – Festival of Light for Lower and High School in December
  • Children’s Winter Festival
  • Mayfest
  • Lower School Parent Festival
  • High School Festival of the Arts
  • Rose Ceremony in June

Deepening the Understanding of Waldorf Education

  • Crafters’ Corner – participate in the creation of Children’s Winter Festival
  • Sock Knitting Circle
  • Crafter’s Corner
  • Summer Festival of Arts and Education at the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto

Serving the Well Being of the School

If you feel you have time to get involved once you have learned a little more about our school and have some expertise you could offer, you may consider joining one of these groups that are active in our school:

  • Parent Council
  • Class Parent & Volunteers – who provide a supporting role to class teachers & advisors
  • Board of Directors
  • Board Committees

Please note that we require that all parent volunteers who work with children to have a current police clearance on file with the school. It is called a “Vulnerable Sector Screening – Police Reference Check” which is specific to people working (paid or as a volunteer) with children, the elderly, or others considered vulnerable in some way.

We have details available in the front office for both York Region and the City of Toronto. For other jurisdictions, we are happy to work with parents to sort out how it works in your area.


Further Personal Development Opportunities based on the Anthroposophical Movement founded by Rudolf Steiner